4 Things You Need to Consider When Buying a Desktop Charging Station

The fast-growing market for USB charging devices means there are now lots of options available with a wide range of features. The main features you need to consider are:

  • Power—are you charging a device that needs a normal amount of power, or one that needs high power?
  • Speed—how important is this to you and are you willing to pay more for it?
  • Placement—where do you need to put your charging station?
  • Number of ports—how many devices do you want to charge at the same time?


  • Most USB charging stations provide 1A or 2.1A of power per USB port. 1A ports are fine for mobile phones, but aren’t suitable for tablets. To ensure you can charge a range of devices, it’s best to go with 2A ports at minimum.
  • High-power USB ports—2.4A to 5A—are available. 2.1A ports are normally sufficient, but a high-powered port will charge your device quicker.
  • Some charging stations are able to detect the device connected and provide the optimum amount of power. CMD’s charging stations all have this capability.


  • Generally, the more power the USB port provides, the faster the charge. So, if you need to charge your device quickly, choose a charging station with high-speed ports (2.4A or 5A).
  • Charging a device with less than its optimum current prolongs the time it takes to fully charge the battery, so make sure your charging station provides the power you need.
  • Ports on USB charging stations are dedicated charging ports, meaning they provide faster speeds than the ports on PCs and laptops.
  • Many Android smartphones incorporate Quick Charge technology, a feature that ensures devices are charged at the fastest rate possible. So, if you have an Android device, combine it with a high-speed charging station and you’re away!


  • You can install USB charging stations in four places:
    • On the desk
    • In the desk
    • Under the desk
    • Into soft seating
  • Installing on-desk and under-desk charging stations is very simple
  • For in-desk charging stations, you might need to first saw a hole in the desk for the hub to slot into. At CMD, we make this straightforward by providing templates with every product


  • USB charging stations are designed to charge multiple devices at the same time, and so come in a range of configurations—2-port, 3-port, 4-port and so on. Which one you choose depends on how many devices you’ll want to charge.
  • Many charging stations will have a maximum output, where the power shared across all its ports will reach a limit. This might mean some devices can only be charged on a lower current than they need.

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