Households are spending more and more time at home. More time at home is leading to historically high rates of electricity consumption (especially during the day, on-peak rates) and historically high hydro bills!

Our founders recognize that homeowners are missing out on the opportunity to invest in their homes, save on their energy bills and enhance their environmental legacy by adopting solar power in Ontario.



Low Rates

Historically low borrowing rates with economical equipment costs

Government Program

Benefit from a unique, lucrative government program (Net-Metering)

Security & Protection

Complete security and protection against rising hydro costs

Home Investment

Invest in your home and your family with increased equipment efficiency

How Does Solar Power in Ontario Work for Your Home?

  • Solar panels absorb sunlight, which produces a DC electric current.
  • A solar inverter converts that DC current into usable, AC electric current for          use in the home and export to the electrical grid.
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  • Electricity is distributed throughout the home for any electronics
        that require power.
  • Excess power not utilized by the home is sent to the grid for
        credit – physically spinning your hydro meter backwards!

How much solar power do I need in Ontario?

To determine the proper size of your solar power system, we will need to calculate how much electricity you consume during a year. Your hydro bill typically contains data that shows your historical electricity consumption in kilowatt hours (kWh).

The optimal direction for solar panels to face in Ontario is south, but there is still amazing sunlight absorption when they face east and west, as well.

Of course, to be certain of your solar power systems potential, our design engineers will create a custom design and projections based on your unique site characteristics. Contact us today for a customized proposal.

A solar power system for your home is a powerful investment, and we are here to protect that investment and ensure your system is built right. Since the inception of the net-metering program in Ontario, we have worked diligently to provide high-quality solar energy systems, paired with unrivalled customer service.

Why Partner with Brightworks?

Despite several policy, regulatory and program changes, we are still here and ready to assist Canadians make the shift to solar energy. We are proud to boast one of the most extensive residential solar installation portfolios in Canada!


Training and Certified Installers

We train our certified installers on the specifics of installing residential solar systems. They are required to know all the relevant local code and building requirements for installation, and they are equipped with special equipment that allows them to certify that the solar energy system is functioning properly.

Permitting and Approvals

Our team will obtain all the required permits and manage the inspection of the completed installation by the local regulatory agencies.

Collaborative Project Build Out

We work closely with our clients to ensure the design of the solar energy system is optimized for efficiency, while maintaining the aesthetics of the home. We provide clients with a forecasted construction schedule and updates throughout the installation process. Once the project is commissioned, we do not leave site until our customers are satisfied with the installation and are comfortable operating their new solar energy system.

Looking for an experienced solar contractor to remove your solar system safely and securely? Our team of experienced installers specialize in removal, storage, and re-installation of solar energy systems. Unless you have a metal roof, you will likely need to remove your solar system at least once during the lifespan of the solar system to replace the roof shingles. It is imperative that the solar modules and equipment be handled carefully by a professional, experienced installer to not void product warranties. To date, we have completed several residential and commercial solar energy system removals and re-installations across Ontario. If you need a roof replacement, or are planning on replacing your roof soon, and need assistance with the solar system, give us a call – we would be more than pleased to help!


Have a question or concern regarding your solar energy system or project?
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