Q: Can I charge a laptop with a solar backpack?

This is definitely possible, but it mainly depends on the type of solar backpack you own. If you want a solar backpack with the capacity to charge a laptop, it should feature a battery bank that accommodates an AC laptop charger. Otherwise, your battery bank won’t be able to handle a laptop.

As an alternative solution, you can buy an external laptop battery and plug it into your high wattage solar panel.

How long do solar backpacks last?
The lifespan of a solar backpack depends on two key factors: the quality of its construction and the frequency of use.

Normally, if you use your solar backpack every day, it won’t last as long as if you use it only for occasional outings.

Solar panels naturally degrade over time, but this happens at a very slow rate, which means that your solar backpack should last for years unless it’s somehow damaged.

Moreover, many brands offer warranties for their solar backpacks to put your mind at ease. They’re usually 1-year warranties that cover manufacturing errors, degradation, and other common issues. Be sure to check the details of your warranty first before making a purchase.

Q: Do I need to buy charging cords or a battery bank?

Most solar backpacks include a battery bank within the package, sometimes they even come with USB charging cables.

However, this doesn’t happen with all brands, so you may need to separately purchase a battery bank or charging cords that match the devices you plan to charge. This is likely to happen if you need to power a laptop or a drone.

Q: How big is a solar backpack?

The majority of solar backpacks range around 20 to 25 litres in size. This typically offers enough room for your essentials and devices, but you can always go bigger if you need more space. But keep in mind that the larger the solar backpack and panel, the heavier the weight you’ll be carrying.

Q: Can I use a solar backpack in the rain?

Generally speaking, solar backpacks are built using waterproof materials to avoid damaging the solar panels when exposed to light rain.

However, not all of them are actually 100% waterproof, which means you’re better off being safe than sorry. Consider using a backpack rain cover to protect your investment.

Q: Can I make my own solar backpack?

In fact, you can. I found this video clip very interesting. It features a guy called “American hacker”. By the sound of his accent, he isn’t really American. But that doesn’t matter.

He’s quite a genius when it comes to technology. And in the video below, you can see how he transforms some solar panels, plexiglass, and some wires into a very cheap solar backpack. Impressive!