WHAT ARE The Benefits of Electrical Charging at Home?

One of the most important aspects of electric-vehicle ownership is how you will charge it. Residential charging is convenient and inexpensive. By charging at home, you take advantage of low, stable residential electricity rates. The cost to run your car over the course of a year can be less than running an air conditioner.



Control when you charge and take advantage of off-peak rates. There are massive
operating savings when driving an EV. For a Tesla model S (92 kWh battery), a full charge costs $7.36 when charged on off-peak hours with comparable range to internal combustion engines. Quite the savings compared to traditional fossil fuel costs to fill a tank!


Bring the convenience home! No one wants to drive for hours, line up and wait while your car charges. Ensure convenience and easy of use from the comfort of your own home.

Ease of Adoption & Installation

A level 1 charging station uses a standard 110V outlet, while a level 2 charging station requires a 240V outlet – both are simple upgrades to an existing home
and electrical service!


Remain in control of your charging assets. No worries of third-party issues such as: software errors, network connection issues or defective and malfunctioned units.

Improve Property Value

Electric vehicles are here to stay. A home charging station is a long-term investment, one that will remain for many years as the adoption of electric vehicles increases. You can expect demand for EV chargers at home to increase as the adoption of electric vehicles soars and becomes mainstream.


Your car is charging at your home, not in a public area where it could be subject to the
elements and potentially vandalism or theft.

What Does a Standard Installation Include?

Brightworks is your one stop shop for all your electric vehicle charging needs, including installation of equipment for your home.
Our EV-certified and licensed electricians
will install and test your EV charging station, facilitate permitting and final inspection,
and train you on how to best use your
new charger.

  • 20 or 40 ampere, 240-volt circuit breaker in existing utility panel
  • 30 feet or less of feeder from utility panel to the EV charger or 240V electrical receptacle where
         your EV charger will be located
  • The EV charger or 240V receptacle will be installed at your preferred location per assessment
  • The EV charger or 240V receptacle will be fully tested and certified as operational
  • Customer will be trained on operation and troubleshooting
  • All permits and regulatory approvals (fees may apply)
  • Assistance with incentive applications and approvals (where available)


Training and Certified Installers

We train our certified installers on the specifics of installing residential EV charging equipment.
They are required to know all the relevant local code and building requirements for charger installation, and they are equipped with special equipment that allows them to certify that a charger is functioning properly.

Permitting and Approvals

Our team will obtain all the required permits and manage the inspection of the completed installation by the local regulatory agencies.

Collaborative Project Build Out

We work closely with our clients to ensure the design of the EV charging system is optimized for efficiency and economy, while maintaining the aesthetics and features of your home.
We provide clients with a forecasted construction schedule and provide updates throughout the installation process. Once the project is commissioned, we do not leave site until our customers are satisfied with the installation and are comfortable operating their EV charging system.

Sometimes equipment can fail, and problems arise, even with one of the best reputations in the industry for reliability. If in the unlikely event that you have an issue with the operation or installation of your EV charger, we offer turnkey routine and corrective maintenance that includes on-site hardware replacement. If you ever have a problem, you can be confident that our customer service team has your back.


Have a question or concern regarding your EV charging station or project?
Get in touch with us and we will ensure you’re not tackling those matters alone!