7 Necessary Items for Living in a Tiny House

We came across this fantastic article by Marian White with Home & Garden that really showcases the top items you need for a successful tiny home.

Going tiny? Thanks to low price points, convenient mobility and beloved HGTV shows, these adorably small homes have become more popular than ever.

Keep in mind, though, that when building a tiny house there’s more to consider than just the price, charm and Instagram-worthiness. Given that most tiny houses measure less than 400 square feet of space, tiny house owners must also be particularly aware of their new space limitations. Undoubtedly, owners will be forced to get creative when it comes to fitting storage, appliances and furniture into their new, small abode. But hey, that’s just part of the fun of owning a tiny house, right?

If you’re planning a tiny house move, be sure to properly consider the size and weight of all objects going inside the home. Make sure to assess your own needs before purchasing appliances and furnishings as well. For instance – if you rarely cook, then avoid buying a large oven and save room for more counter space instead.

Think you’re up for the challenge of outfitting a tiny house? Take a look at our list of seven necessary items for living in a tiny house, below.

  1. Composting Toilet

    Speaking of assessing your needs – when building a tiny house, a toilet is going to be an absolute must. Unfortunately, many – if not most – tiny house owners are unable to park their homes in a location that offers full hookup service to a sewage connection or easy disposal. In fact, many RV parks don’t even offer this service. That means installing a flush toilet in your tiny house is probably out of the question. According to The Tiny Project, the solution to this problem is to install a composting toilet, instead. These toilets are usually waterless, environmentally-friendly and easy-to-use. Check out our Cinderella Incineration Toilet with Brightworks Energy! No mess, no plumbing, zero hassle!
    Cinderella Incineration Toilet and accessories

  2. Hooks

    Newsflash: you won’t have much floor space, closet space, surface space or any space, for that matter, to store your things in a tiny house. That’s why when you move into these charming homes, hooks will quickly become your best friend. You can use them to hang clothes, umbrellas, kitchen tools, pots and pans, sports equipment, mugs, shoes – the list goes on. I suggest investing in solid, sturdy hooks and having a professional install them throughout your new living space, loft, kitchen and cabinets. You won’t regret it.

  3. Washer and dryer combo

    Unless you plan on weekly visits to the laundromat, you’ll need to consider purchasing a washer/dryer for your tiny house. However, finding room for both a washer and dryer in a tiny house can be challenging, to the say the least. As a solution to this space problem, many tiny house owners purchase only a washer – utilizing a simple, eco-friendly drying rack to dry clothes in or outside the home. Another popular option is to purchase a washer/dryer combo. These washer/dryer combo appliances are a fantastic, space-saving 2-in-1 solution. 

  4. Shelving

    Space is tight in a tiny house. That’s why when you run out of room horizontally, you have to start building vertically. Adding shelves into every nook and cranny in your new house is one of the best ways to do this. A few shelving storage solutions for a tiny house include installing shelves under stairways, inside individual steps, in the kitchen, along the walls, inside a breakfast bar and above the toilet. An experienced tiny house designer and builder should be able to find creative ways to sneak shelving in throughout your home.

  5. Stovetops and ovens

    When designing a tiny house kitchen, homeowners have several options to choose from. If you cook often then I recommend opting for propane gas, as well as installing a high quality stovetop with two to four burners and an attached oven. You’ll need to find the right size stovetop for your kitchen. If counter space is a concern, then I recommend opting for two burners max on your stovetop. For those who cook less often or hardly at all, The Tiny Project recommends looking into a portable induction cooktop, “which can be stored in a cabinet or under a counter when not in use.”

  6. Futon or pull out couch

    Unless you’re building a “large” tiny house, chances are good that there won’t be room for a guest room or guest bed anywhere inside. However, it’s always a good idea to have an extra sleeping area on standby. After all, you never know when a friend or family member will need to crash. To accomplish this, I suggest investing in a quality futon for dual usage. The futon should be comfortable enough that you enjoy lounging in it, and small enough to fit your space when folded both up and down. Not into futons? Try purchasing a sleeper sofa or loveseat instead. Although these may take up more room than a futon, they’ll probably be more comfortable.

  7. Compact refrigerator

    Tiny house owners have plenty of options when it comes to picking out a refrigerator. Determining the best fridge for your home will depend on the size and design of the tiny house. I highly recommend picking out the fridge before building your tiny dream house. That way, you can plan for where to place the fridge beforehand. Due to space constraints, many tiny house owners opt for a smaller fridge that fits easily underneath the kitchen counter space. Larger or full-size fridges will most likely need to be built into the wall or underneath the stairs. If you want “something in the middle,” 

Ready to move to your tiny house?

If you’re moving to a tiny house, you’ll need to rent a storage unit to hold seasonal clothes, treasured mementos and other belongings. 

To find the best moving company to handle your tiny house move, check online for an extensive network of reputable and reliable movers. All relocation companies in our network are licensed and insured, so you can rest assured that your move will be in good hands. Best of luck and happy moving!