Cinderella Incinerating Toilet - No plumbing, No Problem!

Unlike her glass slipper, the Cinderella Incineration Toilet fits anyone ready to embrace life off grid. It’s the best eco-friendly toilet on the market, leaving only ash behind.

When water is in short supply, or you don’t have a sewer or septic connection, homeowners are left with a problem. How do we handle our waste? Traditionally, they turned to outhouses. However, this is a costly option that requires additional real estate. Also, many people don’t realize, out houses are not a permanent solution. They actually need to be relocated when they fill up. Compared to chemical and composting toilets, incinerating models are by far the cleanest of the three indoor options available.

How does the Cinderella Incineration Toilet work?

An incineration toilet takes care of biological waste by burning it at high temperatures. The process is quick and only an insignificant quantity of ash remains. For most families, the amount of ash left behind is equivalent to about one teacup per week from four people using the toilet.

The toilet is shaped just like a regular one, with a specially designed trap door at the bottom of the cone-shaped bowl that opens to a waste reservoir that contains the incinerator.

After flushing, the contents fall into the reservoir and are quickly reduced to aches once the burn cycle begins. The ash is free of bacteria and pathogens and is actually rich in potassium and phosphorus which makes it a great fertilizer for your garden.

It’s a completely odorless, clean and environmentally friendly solution. There is absolutely no waste handling with this model, only an insignificant amount of ash to empty once a week.

Suitable for:

  • Homes
  • Cabins
  • Cottages
  • Work Sites
  • Motorhomes
  • Caravans

It’s a modern and environmentally friendly toilet solution. The Cinderella model features a sleek Scandinavian design that will easily fit into any bathroom. It’s childproof and safe for anyone to use.

Produced in Norway, the Cinderella toilet is reliable and created with only the highest quality materials. It’s a total waste solution that requires little space.

The installation is super simple. Wherever you are, you won’t need to worry about insects or critters. With only ash left behind in incineration toilets, there is nothing to attract them to your bathroom.

Best of all, the Cinderella model requires no water or sewer connections! So, it’s suitable for off-grid life.

Don’t forget about the accessories specially designed for the incineration toilet:

  • The original Cinderella toilet bags are specially developed to ensure a long life for your toilet. They adhere to strict demands for both quality and environmentally friendly design.
  • The maintenance kit bundle includes everything you need to easily clean and maintain your Cinderella toilet. It comes with a cleaning set, brush for the ash-tray, an exhaust brush, and a funnel for rinsing.
  • When it comes to cleaning the Cinderella toilet, a botanical disinfectant is a great option. The all-natural cleaner meets the quality standards you would expect while protecting the environment.

Go Anywhere, Live Anywhere

With a Cinderella Incineration toilet, the options really open up about where to build or stay. You can create the cabin of your dreams in the most scenic of locations without having to worry about needing a water or sewage connection. You’ll be protecting the wilderness you love, while getting to spend more time in the great outdoors-and less time worrying about waste.

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