Cinderella Incinerating Toilet - FREEDOM

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Please note: When purchasing the Cinderella toilet separately, you need to purchase vent kit in order for the product to work correctly. 

The Cinderella Freedom is a premium propane gas waterless incinerating toilet.

An incineration toilet is a water-free toilet where bio waste products are burned at high temperatures to a minimum amount of ash, resulting in a teacup for four people after one week’s use. The waste is safely incinerated in a closed incineration chamber, and the pollution-free gases from the incineration process are discharged through a separate exhaust pipe. They are a total waste solution - no additional process or messy emptying routines. The solution is odourless creating bacteria-free ash. 

The Cinderella Toilet is ideal for cottages, leisure homes, bunkies, boathouse, tiny homes, etc, with a high capacity of 3-4 visits per hour. There is no water connection and easy to install, requiring little space. No waste handling! Only an insignificant quantity of ash to be emptied. The unit is safe for children, with zero odour and no frost protection needed. Electric and propane models available. Made in Norway.

Power Requirements: Toilet requires 4 amps on start up and 1.3 amps during incineration to power the fan. Toilet requires only 0.005 amps while in standby (not incinerating) mode. This model is fitted with a 12V DC plug that can be connected to a small off-grid solar power system. A 120V AC power adaptor is available at an additional cost.

How it works:

  1. sit and use it like any other toilet
  2. close the lid and press the flush button: the hatch opens and the waste falls to ash tray
  3. electricity heats it up and ventilation occurs
  4. replace with fresh bowl liner for next person in line (they can use it immediately*)
  5. empty ash tray after 100 uses

Weight: 75 lbs (34 kg)
Height: 23 5/8 in. (600 mm)
Seat Height: 21 1/4 in. (540 mm)
Width: 15 3/8 in. (390 mm)
Depth 23 1/4 in. (590 mm)
Capacity: 3-4 visits per hour
Ventilation ducts/pipes: 110 mm (external)
Power consumption during incineration: 1.3 Amp
Gas consumption (single) 160 – 190 grams
Power requirements:

12V DC 11-14.4V, 4 Am


To Learn More: Click here for the Full Brochure

Required Accessories:
Ventilation Installation Kit for Freedom Model
Installation Elbows
Wall Mounting Clamp
Bowl Liners

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Cinderella Incinerating Toilet - FREEDOM

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