EJOT - Asphalt Flashing + JA3-SB-8.0x80/70

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EJOT Solar Flashing

The ideal solution for PV and solar thermal installations on residential buildings with asphalt THREE TAB shingle roofs and wood substructure or rafters.

Secure sealing - through all three layers!

1st layer: sealing between flashing and fastener

• Sealing area between fastener and flashing is elevated.
• Increased security compared to flashings with sealing feature in the rain water-bearing layer.  
• Sealing with the washer takes place at the cylindrical part of the JA3 fastener – no capillary action is possible at the shank of the fastener.

2nd layer: sealing between flashing and upper shingle layer

• Additional sealing below the flashing.
• Pre-positioned structured foam sealing adapts to the surface of the asphalt shingle.
• Correctly tightened, the sealing ring is pressed against the shingle.

3rd layer: sealing of the penetration through the second shingle layer

• Additional sealing in the third layer (bottom shingle) with conical shaped sealing washer.


>   Defined compression of the sealing elements in all layers  

>   No need to use additional sealants

>   If the penetration has to take place in a low between two highs, there is no need to shim the low under the flashing with extra asphalt to level out the surface.


Sealing in three levels on three tab shingle roofs 


• Only two preset components – one fastener, one flashing.
• Applicability to all common mounting systems and strut rails (attached directly or with L-foot/adapter plate).
• High product quality through strict quality controls.
• Usage of weather resistant materials (anodized aluminum, stainless steel 304 and EPDM).
• Competent technical consulting services


• Simple, secure, fast and labor-saving installation process.
• Predrilling and preparation of the cutout in one simple step

• Precise defined depth (control) stop.
• Perfect setup of the fastener's installation depth and reliable sealing characteristics is included in the proven EJOT Fastening System. 

Fastening position:

• Unique sealing system allows positioning close to, or even right on a low between two highs - without shimming.

Stability of the flashing:

• High stiffness through specially shaped emboss.

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EJOT - Asphalt Flashing + JA3-SB-8.0x80/70

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