Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box - Duo - 600V

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For CEC 64-218 Rapid Shutdown compliance on solar rooftop installations in Canada.

The easy installation of a Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box provides the ultimate solution for Fronius's Primo and some Symo (600Vdc limit) inverters.
The Fronius RSD box can accommodate up to two strings in parallel. Please use Staubli MC4 Y-Connectors to connect.
The Fronius Duo Rapid shutdown box has a very low DC startup voltage. This allows the RSD box to be used
even in Off-Grid system together with charge controllers to achieve RSD code compliance or even in conjunction with 
other conventional string inverter brands.
The RSD box shutdown can be triggered by the integrated signal relay in Fronius Primo and Symo inverter product lines
or alternatively with a manual switch that interrupts the two-wire communication line. 
For the Province of Alberta and some other jurisdictions, an additional RSD initiator switch can be located on the roof,
if the roof is accessible and will require a secondary means of rapid shutdown initiazation in more than one location.
Speak to one for our solar experts how your system can be made code compliant and cost optimized.  

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Fronius Rapid Shutdown Box - Duo - 600V

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