Pylontech - US3000C

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Pylontech US3000 is an energy storage system representative of the latest generation. This lithium (LiFePo4) battery is designed to fulfill the high demands that are required of an energy storage system in Canada, which includes high safety levels and a long service life even when the battery is regularly deeply discharged thanks to its integrated battery management system (BMS).

The Pylontech US3000 is the total package and each system has the following features

  • CSA Approved
  • Ten-year warranty guarantee
  • Extreme cycle resistance – Over 6000 cycles with 95% DOD
  • Compatible with Most Hybrid inverters, often as an alternative to lead acid batteries
  • Can be integrated with Existing On and Off grid solar systems
  • Easy installation that is time efficient and user friendly
  • Absolutely maintenance free and durable
  • High charging and discharging capacity possible.
  • High Storage Density – low weight and compact design
  • Modular structure allows user to Tailor to required storage capacity by interconnecting modules.


Power Output 3.2kWh
Battery Voltage 48V
Amp Hour 37Ah
Connectivity RS485/CAN

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Pylontech - US3000C

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