Schneider - Conext SW DC Distribution Panel

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The Conext SW DC Breaker Panel is pre-wired for quick installation with a single Conext SW inverter and ensures a safe and code compliant connection to the battery bank and solar charge controller. The DC Breaker Panel features space for a DC shunt,two spaces for battery breakers and two spaces for breaker connections to MPPT 60-150 solar charger controllers. Two DC Breaker Panels can be stacked for dual Conext SW applications. Enclosure enables side mounting for a single MPPT 60-150 and features a mounting space for a System Control Panel (SCP). A single 250A breaker is included.

Shipping Dimensions

Weight: 20.00 LBS
Width: 30.00 (cm)
Height: 48.00 (cm)
Depth: 26.00 (cm)

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Schneider - Conext SW DC Distribution Panel

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